Romantic Cabins with Hot Tubs in Scotland

In the bleak mid-winter the weather can often be wild and depressing. Why not escape the doom and gloom with a romantic retreat to the Highlands or wilds of Scotland? There are many lodges with hot tubs around the country, just perfect for a weekend retreat for two, or a special Valentine’s treat for your loved one. Here are just a few of your options:

– A sheltered island haven in Loch Shuna:

Scandinavian style lodges are found on the Island of Buidhe, which is connected to the mainland by a causeway, so you won’t be too cut off, you will just have the isolation as and when you want it.

– Nessy watching from Loch Ness Holiday Park:

Fancy your chances of spotting the famous monster? Why not stay in one of these lodges with hot tubs on the banks of the Loch and snuggle up with your loved one to gaze out over the spectacular scenery.
hot tubs in scotland
– A forest retreat in the Trossachs:

These lodges with hot tubs at Strathyre Forest are in a beautiful woodland setting between two lochs, just 39 miles from Glasgow, and yet offering a peaceful retreat from the modern world. Enjoy the wildlife on your doorstep.

Romantic lodges with hot tubs at the heart of Scotland:

Kinnaird Log Cabins, near Pitlochry in Perthshire, bill themselves as Scotland’s most romantic log cabins. Enjoy a romance on the Highland line when you bring your loved one to a ‘Love cabin’ and enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings.

– Watch the stars in Galloway Forest Park:

If you are looking for stargazing then this is the best place in Scotland for watching the heavens. Galloway forest park has been designated a Dark Skies Park, so your views will be clear of light pollution. The Orangerie, Galloway Forest, sleeps two, has a hot tub, and may just be the perfect starry-skies retreat.

– A rare romantic retreat in the Cairngorms:

There may not be a hot tub here – but the truly idyllic Lazy Duck ‘Woodman’s Hut’ and the ‘Duck’s Nest Luxury Hide’ deserve to be included on this list of romantic cabins. Set in an entirely unspoiled woodland with red squirrels and other wildlife plentiful, in the Cairngorms, this could be one of the most romantic spots in the whole of Scotland.

So whether you are trying a new romance on for size, or celebrating a love that has lasted, why not consider a lodge or cottage in Scotland for your romantic retreat? What are you waiting for?

Treat Your Horse to Comfortable Wood Pellet Bedding

Horse bedding wood pellets have become popular amongst horse owners in the recent past. This popularity is attributed to the fact that the pellets are usually comfortable, healthy, easy to clean and highly absorbent amongst other benefits. As a result horse owners are able to enhance the health of their horses while at the same time providing the necessary comfort. However, for the pellets to be effective in their work they require to be used in the right manner. This means that one should know how to put the pellets on the stall properly. This can be done using ordinary tools which are readily available such as a shovel. Furthermore, this can be done by almost anyone provided one is physically fit. Here are various steps on how to put the wood pellets properly in a stall.

The initial stage in putting the wood pellets on a stall is preparing the stall properly by ensuring that it is properly cleaned. While putting the pellets on a new stall one just needs to ensure that there are no foreign objects on the ground that can harm the horses. A stall with a concrete floor is even easier to put the pellets on since one just needs to sweep before putting the pellets. On a stall which does not have a concrete floor one can put other materials such as wood or a mat made using the right materials.

While putting the pellets on a stall that is already in use the initial step should be to remove the horses. This is especially if the horses are aggressive since they can cause accidents especially if they are startled. While entering a stall that is already in use one should also wear protective shoes which prevent the feet from coming into contact with the manure. One should then start cleaning from one end using the shovel to remove the manure. The magnitude of the cleaning mainly depends on the size of the stall. The cleaning mainly incorporates removing the old layer of wood pellets which in most cases it is already converted into manure. One can even sweep using a hard brush to ensure all the unwanted objects are removed completely.

wood pellets

After cleaning the stall properly one should then open a new bag of wood pellets to use for horse bedding. These pellets should be poured on the ground with the quantities poured depending on the size of the stall. One should then use a rake to level the poured pellets and ensure that everything is level. After leveling one should then pour water on the fresh wood pellets to make them softer and ensure that the hooves of the horses are well protected. The water will also ensure that the pellets hold together and therefore the horses will be comfortable while stepping on them. This process will give the horses an opportunity of stepping and sleeping on soft and comfortable surfaces. The horses should then be let back to the newly refreshed stall where the horse owner will be assured of having healthy and comfortable horses.

The newly applied pellets should be left in place for periods depending on the number of horses using the stall. Furthermore, horses that spend more time on the stall are also more likely to require change in pellets within shorter periods. The horse owner should check and change the pellets whenever the horses seem to be uncomfortable, the stall looks wet and when the horses start to become dirty. This will ensure that the horses remain clean and are able to stay in conducive environments.

Amongst the benefits of changing the wood pellets regularly include that the horses are able to remain healthy. This is paramount especially because the manure can cause infections if it remains for long periods without being changed. Furthermore, if the stalls become wet due to not being changed, the horses will not be able to sleep comfortably which will affect them negatively. The horses will also be discouraged from sleeping which might affect their feet and backs because of standing for long hours. If the pellets become worn out because of not being changed regularly the hooves of the horses might also be affected. This is especially if there is a concrete surface beneath the wood pellets because the hooves will be stepping directly on the concrete. This means that any horse owner who would like to have a healthy and relaxed horse should ensure that the wood pellets on the stall are changed regularly. Therefore, changing wood pellets is a simple process which has many benefits as outlined.

payday spending

Payday Spending Ideas

Tis the season of sniffles and spending – but don’t despair, Christmas need not be a time of over-indulgence and low finances. Whether you are expecting a payday bonanza, or are running at the bottom month on month, there are still ways you can treat yourself and your family this payday without breaking the bank.

There are many ways to spend your hard earned money this Christmas but if spending all your disposable income on one day in the depths of winter does not strike you as a sensible idea, why not consider thinking ahead, and planning a holiday for next year? It will give you something to look forward to in the bleak months to come and stop you from feeling the January blues when next month’s payday comes later than would be ideal.

– Luxurious extravagance:

There are not many of us feeling flush this year, perhaps, but there is no harm in dreaming. If you do find yourself with an unexpected financial boon this Christmas, consider splashing out on a very special holiday for you and your loved ones? If you are one of the lucky few for whom money is no object, why not find yourself your very own desert island paradise in the South Pacific and watch your troubles drift out to sea from the white sand beaches? If you are a lover of winter wonderlands, why not head north to Lapland for Arctic Adventure? Or forge a new path in Iceland, the land of fire and ice? Slightly closer to home, why not head to a ski resort somewhere in Europe for fresh powder and apres ski luxury?

ice hotel

– Ethical Travel:

If you are sick of consumerism and inequality and feel like doing something this Christmas to make the world a slightly better place, then you could go for one of the many holiday options for a range of budgets that not only give you a good break, but also allow you to give something back. Head to an eco friendly resort or campsite, head off on a fair trade tour, or do the popular ‘gap year’ thing and head off, for however long, to help build wells or a school or rebuild after a natural disaster.

Options that are extremely light on the payday spending include joining up with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), or be a POOSHer and sign up to help people build their eco dream homes world wide. You will have to work hard, but you will be given somewhere to stay and your food, and you will have a glowing sense at the end of each day of a job well done, and can feel good about your karma too.

– Budget friendly options:

Camping, glamping, couchsurfing and house-sitting all offer excellent options for wonderful holidays that won’t hammer the paycheque. So, however much disposable income you have this payday, consider a holiday, to cheer up the winter months, and take you sailing through to Spring!